The World’s Most Loved Brands

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are facing near-unprecedented levels of competition. Everything from globalization to technological disruption has forced companies to develop and capitalize on economic moats.

One of those moats happens to be brand identity. A brand that is well-known and loved by its customers can separate that company from the pack. Our research team set out to uncover the world’s loved brands. Most loved brands are rare. However, those companies that develop most loved brands create an immense amount of value—both for their customers and for themselves. This is even true during a global pandemic, as these companies leverage brand engagement to thrive in these uncertain times.

Ultimately, it is helpful to explore why most loved brands are so special. Looking at some of the world’s most loved brands, we can see why these most loved brands continue to be so popular and continue to take market share from competitors.

Why Most Loved Brands Are So Valuable

“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind”.

– Walter Landor

Most loved brands are valuable for so many reasons. The definition itself is arguably subjective. Yet at their core, most loved brands separate themselves because of emotion. Certain studies have shown that up to 75% of the buying experience is based on pure emotion. 

Most loved brands are more than just brands that people want. Rather, they are something that people actually form relationships with. In the world of corporate marketing and advertising, there are deep, emotional connections with most loved brands. If most loved brands liquidated or disappeared, people would actually feel the impact in their daily lives. 

While creating a most loved brand is difficult, the rewards are absolutely worth it. These emotional connections with their customers lead to brand loyalty, brand advocacy, and a premium paid for that brand’s products or services. There are high switching costs, meaning that customers need an extremely compelling reason to purchase a competitor’s products or services.

This natural affinity for the brand naturally flows to the bottom line. According to one study, most loved brands achieved around 38% in profit growth between 2009 and 2018. This was significantly higher than Fortune 500 companies (around 16%) and companies in the S&P Global (around 7%). Most loved brands also have two times the number of customers who are willing to pay 20% more for the company’s products or services. Most loved brands can dictate prices because their customers essentially couldn’t live without the company.

Most Loved Brands Around the World

The concept of brand love is a real thing and we all define ourselves by our brands. And it can also be measured! How? The field of brand listening and brand engagement is another growing sector with many companies tracking and measuring this data. By monitoring discussions of over 700 brands across social media news, blogs, forums and more, this study identified the brands that people engaged with the most positively and criticized the least! 

With this brief understanding of most loved brands, let’s take a look at some of the most loved brands around the world. Even if you aren’t a customer of these brands, you have undoubtedly heard of most of them.

As you can see, these most loved brands span many different sectors and industries. They include everything from major hotel brands (like Four Seasons) to toy brands (like Lego and Build-a-Bear). There is even an airport on the list. At their core, however, these most loved brands put the customer first. They are laser-focused on providing outstanding experiences for all of their customers, whether that is a crisp, refreshing Modelo beer or entertaining dance videos in TikTok.

Most Adored Brands By Generation

The same is true if you are looking at most loved brands in the USA based on generation. These brands include a good number of tech companies. When it is seamless and designed well, technology can almost be like magic. From Apple to Netflix, our personal and professional lives are closely tied to these technology companies. If they were to disappear, it would be felt.

  • Generation Z (18-24) – PlayStation, Amazon, Target, Disney, Ford, Jeep, Apple, YouTube, Xbox Nintendo
  • Generation X (35-54) – Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Jeep, Disney, Ford, Samsung, Xbox, Walmart, Nike
  • Baby Boomer (55-64) – Amazon, Toyota, Apple, Costco, Macy’s, Hershey’s, HP, Pillsbury, Kellog’s, Pepsi

This is especially the case with Amazon, which is a most loved brand in every age category. Living through a pandemic, Amazon has shown how essential it truly is. Customers continue to love its wide product selection and extremely fast shipping.

The Power of Most Loved Brands

Most loved brands create and leverage their emotional connections with customers. That said, they don’t take them for granted. These companies continue to innovate and provide value in their customers’ lives. They still view it as “Day One” and continue to earn customer trust. At, we know that well-loved brands perform well and grow consistently. So keep your eye out for growing companies that are well-loved! Now tell us, what are your most loved brands and why?

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