Tech Industries to Watch for 2020

Is tech moving fast enough? Well, it’s about to get even faster.  The trends below are completely changing the face of industries in ways we’ve never seen in the past. Keep an eye out for companies working in these sectors or get ready to integrate them within your organization. Just make sure to get in early!


It’s all about blockchain these days, the key technology that will revolutionize our digital economy in 2020. Beside disrupting the banking and finance industry, other less obvious sectors that will be heavily impacted are in the real estate, healthcare, video, and even start-up industries. Its role as a secure way to store data in a transparent, verifiable and unalterable way opens up many possibilities. More blockchain complete solutions will pop up, making it even more accessible for companies of all sizes. There are 14 job openings for every one blockchain developer.

Companies to watch:

AI as a Service (AlaaS)

You’ll be hearing a lot about AI-as-a-Service in 2020.  AlaaS is a way to get AI without developing it yourself. AI will be spreading at an even faster pace since it will become more accessible for companies to adopt machine learning technology with service and subscription-based models appearing all around us. Top players right now are Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Google. The global artificial intelligence as a service market was valued at $ 2 billion in 2018 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 34% to reach around $ 11.5 billion by 2024.

Companies to watch:

5G Data Networks

5G is the fifth generation of mobile connectivity and will help connect the world even more with its expected 2020 roll-out. Lighting speed connections will help make autonomous driving, drones and smart cities a reality. Super-fast connectivity will also mean more affordable data plans for all of us! 5G is ruled by the giants, the hype lies with stocks to watch.

Stocks to watch:

  • Corning
  • Xilinx
  • Intel
  • Skyworks
  • Verizon

Predictive  Healthcare & Analytics

One of the most promising outcomes in predictive analytics is in the healthcare industry. Imagine being able to spot an illness before symptoms! From data available from our wearable devices and DNA sequencing, to technology that is able to search through massive amounts of medical journals. AI will change how we predict and diagnose illnesses. Watch out for opportunities related to hyper-connected patient information.

Companies to watch:

Internet of Autonomous Things

Connected environments at home are practical, but the new reality is grander now. Look out for self-navigating drones, robots, and aircraft. Autonomous things are machines that work without human guidance and they are shaping industries all around us. The shipping, trucking, and cyber-security industry are predicted to be most impacted in the imminent future.

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