Rundown Newsletter (2020-03-19)

As the new reality kicks in for all of us, first and foremost we hope you and your families are all safe and well. Our heart goes out to all the people that are currently impacted by the virus, both directly or indirectly. For those of you out there plugging away at work, we’ve got multiple stories about startups that are shaping the future during this global epidemic. In addition, we’ve got 15 companies to watch in the very important space of Agtech and much more. Read on!

15 AgTech Startups Reshaping the Food Landscape

The technological developments in Agtech are fascinating. Farm drones, vertical farming, sensors that indicate optimum planting times, to robots that pick produce for us. C’mon, how amazing is that? Learn more about 15 companies disrupting Agtech!

Stuff We’re Reading

Meet the 250 most inspiring companies in Texas
At, we can’t help but love a great list of impressive companies. Here’s one from the folks at Inc.. And if you want more “top companies” lists from the most respected sources, all in one place and scored by growth, you can find them in our platform. 

Startups developing tech to combat Covid19 urged to apply for fast track EU funding
The EU set aside €164M in funding for startups with innovations that could help in treating, testing, monitoring the Coronavirus. Of course, we fully expect a startup to save the day!

15 Questions about remote work, answered
We’ve been seeing a bunch of really lame articles about working from home. But they all say the same thing. Get dressed people! PJs all day and night won’t work. Instead this is a good read from Harvard Business Review on how to manage dispersed teams. 

How start-ups are tackling issues related to Covid-19
Have you tried not touching your face for a few hours? It’s pretty hard to do. How about a wearable device that vibrates when you touch your face? Check out these innovative startups.

Telemedicine is a safety valve for a strained health care system
Telemedicine, the remote delivery of healthcare services, is definitely getting the spotlight, even though it has been around for a while. But we see that we need it now more than ever. Watch out for startups in the ever-growing field of digital health.

Quick Stat of the Week User’s Corner

Did you know that is the only platform to include heatmaps at the state and county levels across over 900 6-digit NAICS industries? These heat maps allow you to discover density and growth based on employment, total salaries, net sales, gross profits, establishments and average salaries. This heat-mapping feature helps you identify cluster growth “hot spots” that are most useful for investment attraction and targeting. It will help you understand occupation needs across every county and State in the US.

Stephen’s List of the Week

For this edition of the Rundown, we thought we’d bring you the latest fast-growth company action from our friends down under in Melbourne, Australia. The city’s getting a lot of attention these days as the country’s tech hub, but Melbourne has always been a center for mineral resources like gold and iron too. This list showcases top startups, mining giants and VC funds that shape the business landscape. Check it out here!

The BR|E COVID-19 International Response Network

ROI Research on Investment and are committed to doing our part during this unprecedented situation. We are proud to have joined the BR|E Response Network. We encourage you to learn more about the group and join! Below is more information about the network.

A group of more than 80 local, regional, national, and international organizations and private sector companies joined together to voluntarily help formulate and respond to the needs of local businesses brought about by COVID-19. Our group continues to grow, but the landscape is changing quickly.

A 25 member steering committee held our first conference call meeting Monday, March 16th to discuss a BR|E response. We also shared information sources and resources that are helpful. Some of the primary resources offered are provided below.

As a group, there was agreement that the pressure was building to get out there to figure out how COVID-19 was impacting business. That is the focus of the Network… to help local partners – like you – gather meaningful business impact information for local action, support it with a national tech infrastructure to collect, organize, analyze and share what is learned locally and beyond.

The Network’s Steering Committee is working behind the scene to develop a series of blast quick polls focused on assessing the business impact of COVID-19. An edited version will then made available to all network members for their use.

Ideally, the Network would like to have hundreds of EDO’s and Chambers use these quick polls so we can pull together a national picture of the street-level impact of COVID-19 on business.

Join the BR|E Response Network

Send contact info to to be added to the distribution list for copies of these polls as they are developed.

Where to Find and Share Your BR|E Helping Business Success Stories

Please post success stories, strategies, tactics on helping businesses on the Business Retention Expansion Forum on LinkedIn. Also, share these stories on Send info to IEDC’s Emily Brown at

Key Resources

Have a great rest of your week. Keep safe. Stay Curious! Until next time!

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