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Our entire raison d’être at is to get you one step closer to uncovering those hidden gems and opportunities. That why we wrote our latest feature on “How to Identify Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Likely to Achieve Sustained Growth“. Yes, we all need to find those fast-growing companies, but will also need to find those fast-growing companies that will last! Let’s begin….

How to Identify Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Likely to Achieve Sustained Growth

Want some tips on how to recognize growing companies that are positioned to last? This article goes into the key signs to look out for that indicate sustained growth. It’s a serious read. But it’s also seriously helpful!

Stuff We’re Reading

We’ve gathered all these articles on one page for your convenience.

Smart cities: How data and artificial intelligence could change London
Cities are watching how London will rework their entire transport strategy with the help of a few small cameras. This is a tangible example of how AI and big data are being used to design our cities.

Cannabis job growth projected to outpace all other fast-growing industries
The US Federal Government won’t track job growth in the cannabis sector. It’s a good thing others are doing it. Otherwise, we would never know that they are currently surpassing most growth sectors.

fDi’s European cities and regions of the Future 2020/21 – Winners
Despite everything happening with Brexit, London has kept its spot as fDi’s European City of the Future, Paris climbed to second place, and Dublin jumped into the third spot. This ranking is worth checking out to see how each European city is performing in relation to each other.

Peru’s startup scene is ready for more
Everything “fast-growing” gets us psyched at And Peru is nailing it as one of the fastest-growing economies and start-up locations in Latin America. Who doesn’t love a good story about the small guy making it big?

Ohio to use artificial intelligence to evaluate state regulations
Ohio developed its own tool to analyze 240,000 state regulations. Laws are often patched together in a way that makes it really hard to understand by a single person or team. But AI can do it in seconds. This is another good example of AI at work.

Quick Stat of the Week User’s Corner

Did you know that our “Trade Show” feature can save you time and money? This powerful feature tells you exactly who will be attending what trade show and when. In just a few clicks, you can pinpoint the companies you want to meet and see what shows they will be attending. All this exclusive trade show intel helps people be more productive and perform better prior to and at the show.

Stephen’s List of the Week

Get ready! We’ve taken a trip to South Africa for our custom curated Top 5 list. South Africa’s got an incredible start-up environment and fast-growing companies that are itching to expand further.

If you are a client, click here for 30 of the best companies. Otherwise, here are the 5 fastest-growing companies in South Africa. These opportunities may be the perfect excuse to plan your next Safari trip.

Have a great rest of your week. We hope it’s filled with all sorts of new opportunities and leads!  Stay Curious! Until next time!

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