Rundown Newsletter (2020-02-06)

Our feature article is on the future of the manufacturing industry and it’s a must-read for those interested in the one industry that fuels a good chunk of the world economy. There have been some pretty amazing milestones in the world of 3D printing lately so we made that a theme for this edition of the Rundown. Enjoy!

The Future of Manufacturing

Learn more about the mega challenges hitting the manufacturing world! This week, we’ve got an informative article to share about the issues, strategies, and technologies shaping the manufacturing industry. What’s happening with smart factories? What’s the impact of the labor shortage? Are we ready for the industrial revolution? Read more about the fastest-changing industry in the world.

Stuff We’re Reading

We’ve gathered all these articles on one page for your convenience.

Dubai has taken 3D printing to a whole new level – literally
Dubai does it again! They are now home to the largest 3D building in the world. They’ve got the world’s tallest buildings and now this.

The world’s streets are becoming less connected, study shows
We keep hearing about how “connected” we are but it seems that is not the case with our street network. Learn how unconnected streets are contributing to urban sprawl and reducing the use of public transportation.

Daniel Susskind: ‘Automation of jobs is one of the greatest questions of our time’
This is a thought-provoking interview with economist Daniel Susskind. It will get you thinking about everything from whether robots should be taxed to universal basic income.

3D printing of body parts is coming fast – but regulations are not ready
It’s crazy. It’s fantastic. It’s not sci-fi. In honor of our 3D themed newsletter, this is another fascinating read.

The economics of all you can eat buffets
If all these serious articles are not your cup of tea, then this one is perfect for you. Have you ever thought about the math behind all you can eat buffets? Well, now you can. Warning: it might make you hungry.

Quick Stat of the Week User’s Corner

Did you know you can save hours of time with our customizable searches? Find exactly what you need with our Here-and-There (HAT) query feature. This feature allows you to create lists of companies based on the location of headquarters operations as well as the location of an affiliated subsidiary and branch operations. Users can also build lists of companies that do not have operations in a specific jurisdiction. We make it easy for you to drill down to exactly what you need!

Stephen’s List of the Week

Take a look at this list of the fastest-growing 3D printing and additive manufacturing companies! There are lots of opportunities out there for those interested in jumping into this exciting market. If you are a client, click here for the full list. Otherwise, here are the top 5 companies with the highest G-Score!

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