Rundown Newsletter (2020-07-23)

We’ve got some exciting stuff for you today. First up, the Great Reset #2 was a hit. If you missed it or want to share it with others, here’s your second chance. Second, we’ve just launched an ebook packed with priceless information on how to reboot your investment attraction strategies. And last but not least, sign up now for The Great Reset #3: Race and the Role of Economic Development to Foster Equity! 

eGuide The Great Reset

A must-read! Get the EDO’s guide to recovery, all in one compact (or handy) ebook – created by our sister company, ROI Research On Investment. The Great Reset has all the information and resources you need to help you get back on track and rebuild. In an effort to support our community, we’ve made this valuable ebook available to you as a guidebook (or blueprint) on how to survive and thrive under these tough circumstances.

In The Great Reset, Vol. 1, we  share:

  • Resources, tips, checklists, and all the information you need for rebooting your business attraction efforts 
  • Ways to identify opportunities and understand industries
  • New tactics for reimagining your strategy from outreach campaigns to how to re-engage with investment leads and so much more!

Stuff We’re Reading

Estonia built one of the world’s most advanced digital societies.
This small Baltic country has been investing in and planning out their digital infrastructure for decades now. Learn more about what it takes to become a fully digital nation.

The case for smart building investments amid economic resurgence
Have you heard of healthy buildings? It’s far from being a new thing but its importance is here to stay now. The IoT sector is playing a big role in making that happen.

Your child will be ready soon: Daycares and other businesses use restaurant-style tech to fight long lines
At, we always have our eyes peeled for the new trends. There’s been a whole flock of new opportunities popping up. Next in line? Virtual waiting systems!

Toward a more resilient Europe
Every continent is hurting right now. Europe is no different and plays a massive role in the overall health of the global economy. This is a good read that will give you a high-level view of Europe’s road to recovery.

The search engine that plants trees with every search has just planted its 100-Millionth tree this week.
Did you know that searching things on the net can help the planet? Ecosia, the search engine that turns searches into planted trees, is about to plant its 100 millionth tree. Business + Social good is always trending in our books!

Quick Stat of the Week

Stephen’s List of the Week

This week we’re happy to bring you a brand new list full of great leads for you to pursue in what has proven to be an exceptionally resilient industry. Check out our brand new list of the Fastest-Growing Cannabis Companies. Want the full list and other custom-curated lists? Just ask and we’ll get you set up.

Have a great rest of your week. Stay curious! Until next time!

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