Rundown Newsletter (2020-07-09)

We’re back with tons of goodies for you this week. But, first things first! Have you signed up for the Great Resent webinar yet? We’ve brought together an amazing panel of industry experts who will share strategies and tactics on economic recovery planning, growth industries, site selection trends and more. It’s coming up around the corner, so click here to sign up!

The World’s Most Loved Brands

What brands do you love? The concept of brand love is a real thing and we all define ourselves by our brands. It can also be measured! How? The field of brand listening and brand engagement is another growing sector with many companies tracking and measuring this data. Find out more about the most loved brands by region, the financial impact of being a well-loved brand, and the most loved brands by generation!

Stuff We’re Reading

The forces that will reshape American cities
Have you heard about “youthification” yet? It’s young people flocking to the city as older people move out. And it is different from gentrification. Learn more about that and so much more in this good read.  

Warren Buffett finally opens his wallet during the pandemic, with nearly $10 billion purchase
Want to know what Warren Buffet is investing in during the pandemic? Natural gas and this is one of his biggest deals in years. Yes, it is a growing industry but it also has its hurdles with shifting politics and economics. Mistake or not?

UK to enter satellite race after winning bid for OneWeb
The UK just pulled OneWeb out of bankruptcy in this ground-breaking deal. Stand back Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the UK just entered the internet-from-space game too.   

US manufacturing bounces back in June on reopenings
As economies open up again, there is more optimism in the air. The manufacturing index rose to 52.6 last month after registering 43.1 in May and 41.5 in April.

Lemonade, a tech-driven insurance company, soars 132% in trading debut
Fast-growth companies. Fast-growth industries. We can never get enough. Learn more about how Lemonade is digitizing the process of obtaining homeowners and renters insurance.

Quick Stat of the Week

Stephen’s List of the Week

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a brand new curated list courtesy of our hardworking Data Curation team. This week:’s Fastest-Growing Manufacturers List. With over 1,200 companies to choose from, this list is an outstanding guide for anyone looking to build up their manufacturing sector. Sign up for a free trial and get the whole list!

Have a great rest of your week. Stay curious! Until next time!

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