Rundown Newsletter (2020-06-25)

Fresh off the press. We’ll be hosting round two of The Great Reset: Strategies and Data For Our Recovery. Back by popular demand, we’ve brought together a panel of industry thinkers that have a fresh perspective on ways to rebuild the economy. Our last event attracted over a thousand attendees! We expect nothing less out of this one. In other words, you must attend. Start scrolling. We got loads of good reads for you this morning.

NEDA Webinar

Countries, states, regions, and cities are all impacted in different ways by the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Our President, Steven Jast participated in a Northeast Economic Development Association (NEDA) webinar entitled: “Northeast Regional Strategies for Recovery. What’s next?”.

📺 Watch this webinar 👇👇👇 to learn more about how economic development professionals can lead their community through new business hurdles and opportunities presented by the crisis, along with strategies to achieve stability and long-term growth.

Stuff We’re Reading

How the Coronavirus will reshape architecture
Get ready for acoustic walls in homes so that everyone can video conference in peace to the 6 feet office. Learn more about how architects are rethinking design to be more practical and minimalist.

The latest pandemic shortage: Coins are the new toilet paper
Another item that we take for granted is suddenly running low and in high demand – pocket change! And in a world of tap payments, surprisingly, it turns out that coins are still extremely important.

Venmo and Square’s Cash App were going gangbusters before the pandemic — now they’re doing even better
Speaking of money, look who is doing better than ever due to stimulus payments. And learn more about how all these payments apps are expanding their functionality so they can continue booming!

Reshoring in the age of coronavirus: beware of the hurdles in leaving China
To leave it in China or to bring it back home? Do you just leave behind all that manufacturing intellectual property? It’s a complex topic with no clear answer.

How companies are selling the summer that isn’t
A summer in lockdown has sparked a whole new set of businesses that are booming. Rent a local pool by the hour. Rent tennis courts, basketball courts, or any outdoor equipment. Or get summer camp delivered right to your door!

Quick Stat of the Week

Have you wondered which industries are receiving the most funding as part of the Payment Protection Program loans?? So have we…so we laid it all out for you in one easy to read graphic.  Sneak preview: The construction industry received the most and utilities received the least.

What’s New

Please join us for our webinar entitled “The Great Reset #2.” In this second webinar in our “Great Reset” series, we’ll explore themes and strategies to optimize our economic recovery and come out stronger than ever!

Stephen’s List of the Week

For this edition’s curated list, we’re thrilled to present you with Our Verified Site Selector and Industrial Broker List. To build this list, we pulled together contacts for nearly 3,000 site selectors and industrial brokers across 1,300 companies, which range from real estate and site selection firms to companies large enough to run their own site selection departments.

These contacts are professionals in their respective fields, operating in 686 cities and 36 countries. we’ve identified individuals responsible for site selection in over a thousand companies and generated contact information for each of them. With their help, you’ll be on your way to your next expansion project in no time! For the full list, sign up for a free trial today.

Have a great rest of your week. Stay curious! Until next time!

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