Rundown Newsletter (2020-05-28)

Economic developers need data right now to maximize recovery efforts. With everything that is happening, it feels good to actually do something to help. We’ve been offering complimentary data to EDOs so that they can get valuable supply chain data. The word on the street: it has been helping! If you need data, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Next, we would never let you down. Here’s this week’s content-packed rundown…

The Future of Supply Chain Automation

How will supply chains be reimagined in this new world? Thought tech was moving fast? It’s about to move even faster. Automation and digitization are key to supply chain agility and E2E transparency. Expect investments to increase significantly! Read this article, by our sister company ROI Research on Investment to learn more about the technologies that will transform supply chain strategy and management!

Stuff We’re Reading

New York’s newest unicorn: DigitalOcean raises $50M at $1.15B valuation
We can expect to see everything cloud-related skyrocket as more and more companies move their businesses online. DigitalOcean, the developer-focused cloud infrastructure company, has surpassed $300 million in annual recurring revenue during this current quarter and just attained unicorn status.

FDI Alliance International Magazine
This issue is devoted to speaking to industry experts about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the vital steps to reopen the economy. Insider tip: We were invited to write about business and supply chain impact and recovery on page 22.

10 Reasons why Ghana is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa
Ghana has taken measures to diversify its economy and ensure that it doesn’t rely on just one product. With the creation of free zones, foreign investment is coming from industrial and consumer goods markets.

Three FDI sectors Covid-19 will change forever
Listen to this fDi podcast to learn more about the sectors that are showing the strongest investment signals and likelihood for international expansion. Pharma, e-commerce, and call centers are at the top of the list.

Europe’s Uber rival Bolt gets €100M investment amid pandemic
We keep hearing news about how the on-demand ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have been laying people off. But this Estonian company is looking to expand while the big guys are hurting.

Quick Stat of the Week

What’s New

Join this webinar about strategies for recovery being hosted by NEDA (North East Economic Development Association) on June 4th. Our President & CEO, Steven Jast will be speaking along with Nadine Jeserich, PhD VP of Analytics for ROI Research on Investment, and Kirsten McGregor, Principal of SAGAX Associates.

The USEDA announced their CARES Act funding streams under the more flexible Economic Adjustment Assistance program. There are several unique eligibility requirements, waivers, and flexible options. Learn more about our suite of services to help you develop your immediate and longer-term funding strategies. Time is of the essence as the USEDA is seeking to get funds out ASAP

Stephen’s List of the Week

Next up, we’re happy to announce our latest custom-curated list: Gazelle’s list of Silicon Valley’s Fastest-Growing Companies! Looking for the Bay Area as a target to draw your next expansion project? Looking to promote your local tech sector? This list of 100 hidden gems will be just what you’re looking for! You can find the list here or here is a preview of the top 10.

Have a great rest of your week. Stay curious! Until next time!

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