Illustrated Field Guide for Beasts of Business

Confused by all the jungle and mythical creature talk? Here’s everything you need to know about the creatures of the business world.


The mighty elephants are the mega-companies with billions of dollars. They are large organization but because of their size, they are slow to move and react. In comparison to Gazelle’s, they are growing slowly. 


Gorillas control the market for a particular product or service. They are not a monopoly but they are the market leader with everyone watching their every move. A gorilla company is a powerful and feared beast in the business world. 


Monkeys are wannabe Gorillas that will likely never make it big. They copy Gorillas by offering an inferior product at a lower price. Monkeys promise the world and under deliver. They dream of being a Gorilla but don’t stand a chance at the fight since they are less attractive to investors. 


The beloved Zebra are the companies that strive to be profitable and good at the same time. As a cooperative animal, Zebras band together and protect each other. They seek long-term survival through sustainable and responsible growth. 


The mice are your local “mom and pop” shops. They typically employ less than 10 people and grow very slowly.


Gazelles run fast for long periods of time. In the business world, they are envied by all because they are fast-growing companies that have achieved 20% growth for 4 consecutive years. Gazelle’s are critical to economic growth because they are massive contributors to job creation. Obviously, we love them and are all about helping you catch a Gazelle. 


A unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion. These businesses are so rare In the startup world, they are considered as magical as a unicorn. In Canada, they are known as a Narwhal!


Ponies are startups with a valuation of $10 million to 100 million. They are the believable creature in the startup world since they actually exist.


The centaurs are companies who have a valuation of more than $100 million. Before you become a full-fledged unicorn, you are a centaur first. They may not be as revered as the unicorn or pegasus, but they are pretty valuable in the world of mythical beasts. 


A pegasus is a company valued at over 10 billion. This mythical winged divine horse flies right over multiple rounds of funding in the start-up world. 

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