Bi-Weekly Breakdown (Dec 7, 2018)

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This week at Gazelle we take a look at the fast-growing order fulfillment industry, contemplate our AI’s existential meaning, and take a bow over our predictions for 5 fast-growth companies making headlines this week.

We’re More Into Gazelles than Unicorns, But…

Here are 5 companies with big announcements recently that, not to brag or anything but, we knew were coming. Check out the list of company profiles and G-Scores here.

See? Our G-Score isn’t all AI magic (okay, it is kind of magical).

Still Upset About Not Winning Amazon? Check out These High Flying Fulfillment Companies.

So we may have missed out on hosting Amazon’s HQ2, but that’s not all the logistics industry has to offer. Ever wonder what happens between clicking “Confirm” and your order arriving? Enter the world of the order fulfilment industry.

The rise of online shopping has made these middlemen (fulfillment services providers and third-party logistics) critically important to online sellers without warehousing facilities, lashings of packaging tape, and a lot of extra time on their hands. Finances Online recently released a great list of the Top Fulfillment services of 2018, so we made it look nice below for your reading pleasure.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

As winter descends over North America, we think about the concept of “AI Winter”. It’s the idea that artificial intelligence goes through different hype cycles and likens the doldrums to a nuclear winter, which I suppose is exactly what you’d expect from a profession that already sounds like science fiction. So we asked Chief Economist Dr. Hugh Kelley (aka. Dr. Data), for his opinion.

DR. K: From my perspective as a cognitive scientist and economist, only in the past 5 or so years has interest returned at an appreciable level compared to when I began my AI research in the early 90’s, most likely due to hardware improvements and a little historical myopia.

GAZ: So, how likely is it that an AI winter will occur again?

DR. K: Hopefully the AI winter will not happen again, although it is likely.

GAZ: Oh no! Can we avoid it?

DR. K: One way small and large organizations alike may avoid any pitfalls associated with this winter is to ensure the applications of AI they support are based upon peer-reviewed, replicable, and generalizable work. Simply put, in my opinion AI algorithm generalizability in its broadest sense is critical.

So there you have it! Looks like we can ward off an AI apocalyp- *ahem* winter. In light of this, here’s how you can use Gazelle to identify AI clusters and attract them to your area.

Find AI Clusters Using Gazelle!

Stuff That Caught Our Eye

A Real Peach. Georgia Lands its Biggest Investment Deal Ever and the rest of us come to terms with the fact that 2,000-job manufacturing projects still exist in North America.

Honeywell Heads South for the Winter, and it’s taking all its executives with them to set up an additional 750 jobs. I guess North Carolina is the New Jersey?

Spartenburg, Start Your Engines. Auto supplier Draxlmaier’s racing ahead with a $43 million expansion to revving up job creation to 460 new jobs in South Carolina.

Tesla Invented a New Word and It’s Ended Up Being a Economic Developer’s Dream. The company’s “Gigafactory” in Nevada accidentally generated hundreds more jobs and more investment than planned. Nice going, Elon.

Keep An Eye On Precision Optics, they’re creating 200 new jobs with a $20 million expansion in Rochester, NY.

Nottingham Might Run Out of Geeks. The University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park is set to double in size and create 2,000 new jobs in its next 10 years, which is good news for anyone told their PhD would “never get them a real job”.

Say The Magic Word. Pindrop, specializing in voice-activated security solutions, is about to go global with a new $90 million investment round, and will soon all have us yelling out our passwords in the interest of “security”.

Another Win for Cloud Computing… and Northern Virginia. Vantage Data Centers landed $225m to kick off three new facilities, so if there’s any employees left in VA after Amazon’s HQ2 expansion, maybe they could work there?

And lastly…


Let’s not forget the other lessons we learned this week: it turns out you can generate power out of chicken s*** , and cornfields are apparently what’s making the weather really weird. The more you know!

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