The Economic Development Toolkit You Need is all about adding value to the ocean of company and industry data through artificial intelligence, smart analytical frameworks and a lot of hard-earned industry know-how. The platform was born from the experiences and requirements of ROI Research on Investment’s industry-leading economic development experts. Developed by a team of multidisciplinary economists, mathematicians, data-scientists and programmers, is the economic development professionals' one-stop platform.

7 Powerful Features That Get Results Fast

  • Tap Into Industry Profiles and Ecosystems helps you navigate industry ecosystems to identify companies that can address leakages and support sector growth.

    • Companies are presented in the context of the complete buying and selling ecosystem
    • Each company profile provides direct weblinks and contact info for senior company personnel across multiple social media platforms
    • You’re connected to the company’s newsfeed and twitter to support research and effective conversation starters

  • Access Better Data for Better Results

    All the analytical power in the world won’t make any difference if you haven’t got access to the best data. is powered by leading data sources trusted by Economic Developers.

    • Experian
    • Crunchbase
    • Lexis Nexis
    • Database USA
    • Clearbit
    • Open Corporates
    • Powerlytics
    • EMSI

    …to name just a few









  • Find Your Targets with AI-Powered G-ScoreTM

    G-scoreTM is an AI-powered metric that indicates how likely companies are to expand using a heuristic algorithm.  A G-ScoreTM of 5 means that the data signals are pointing toward imminent expansion. But the team also collects human intelligence and when we get confirmation of an expansion project, that score becomes a 6.

    • calculates a G-ScoreTM for more than 2.3 million companies in real time
    • The heuristic algorithm is constantly learning and improving its accuracy

  • Pinpoint Your Targeting with 900+ Industry Heat Maps

    Industry Heat maps provide a visual representation of areas of greatest concentration of companies in the industry or sector you’re looking for.  Jurisdictions are mapped according to 14 economic indicators that can be important indicators of expansion or an openness to relocation.

    Featured Economic Indicators include:

    • Employment
    • Employment Growth
    • Total Net sales
    • Salary Growth
    • Establishments

    Each of these can help you to narrow your search and provide compelling rationale for targeting companies within a specific geographic region.

  • Find the Companies Everyone is Talking About

    Fortune 500, Fast tech 25, Profit Hot 50 … Lists like these are filled with the high growth companies you want to talk to. is tapped into the most relevant lists of top performing companies and adding more lists all the time. With you can

    • Identify top performers in every sector
    • See where they fit in terms of a buying and selling ecosystem
    • Access a direct connection to company personnel in just 2 clicks

  • Identify the Innovators and Fast Movers combines Big Data and humanly-curated intelligence to identify confirmed expansion projects.’s VC funded companies are companies on the move; expanding and innovating with the support of venture capital investment.  Venture Capital flows to companies that:

    • Demonstrate a large market for their goods or services
    • Offer a unique product or service
    • Have a solid management team in place
    • Have a track record of strong performance
    • A clear vision for innovation and expansion

    Sound like the companies you’d like to attract?

  • Cut to the Chase with Confirmed Projects

    What’s better than searching for ideal prospects to go after on behalf of your region? Identifying ideal prospects with confirmed projects!

    • Our Research Team conducts over 150,000 executive interviews per year
    • We continuously find companies that have confirmed expansion plans
    • You'll find these companies in the Project Section
    • Includes: company description, project type, timeline and destination

More Unique, Powerful Features

  • Intuitive, contextual search (keyword, NAICS, cluster or map) to drill-down on targets

  • Private, personalized, custom-lists to accelerate your research

  • GIS-based company search to identify high concentrations of your ideal prospects

  • Occupational profiles to assess whether your location has a suitable workforce capacity

  • Company profiles with decision-makers for over 6 million companies

  • And too many more to list here

The AI Advantage

“The transcendence of AI and its impacts on our lives has already been extraordinary. As we continue to unleash the power of machine learning and expand our unique socioeconomic dataset, predictability improvements will illuminate more and more about the drivers and interactions that foretell firms’ successes.”

Hugh Kelley, Ph.D., Chief Economist

AI is powering rapid advances in many of the areas of our everyday lives and the products and services we consume. But is the first application designed specifically to use AI and big data to solve many of the challenges faced daily by economic developers.’s heuristic algorithms access vast pools of data across multiple sources including industry, spatial, and firm-level data spanning more than ten years. The platform consumes data from leading providers and looks at more than 19 core signals such as financial ratios, pension payments, establishment numbers, executive salaries. It also looks at data like export activity at the county/industry level (level, growth, intensity) and state/county level variables including quality of infrastructure, business costs, patents, as well as 4-digit and 6-digit industry-specific data.

Combining this rich data with AI techniques such as dynamic deep learning, neuroplasticity, dynamic input attention, able to consistently identify companies poised for growth and expansion. Click here to download our Whitepaper on AI in Economic Development.

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