The Only Business Development Toolkit You’ll Ever Need is all about adding value to the ocean of company and industry data through artificial intelligence, smart analytical frameworks and a lot of hard-earned industry know-how. Developed by a team of seasoned sales executives, economists, physicists, mathematicians, data-scientists and programmers, is the business development professionals' one-stop platform.

7 Powerful Features That Get Results Fast

  • Tap Into Industry Profiles and Ecosystems helps you navigate industry ecosystems to identify companies that are buyers of or suppliers to over 900 industries around the world.

    • View the top sellers to or buyers of goods and services in over 900 industries
    • Visualize heatmaps of potential suppliers to an industry anywhere in the world
    • Visualize heatmaps of your addressable market of over 900 industries around the world
    • Use’s G-Score to find growth companies within your target markets

  • Access Better Data for Better Results

    All the analytical power in the world won’t make any difference if you haven’t got access to the best data. We know that there isn’t any single data provider that has the market cornered on great data. So we use 13 of them, pair them with great tech and a human touch to surface the best from each, including:

    • Public Sources
    • Paid private sources
    • Natural language processors
    • Proprietary data verified by our 50-person research team

  • Hit Your Targets with our One-of-a kind AI-Powered G-ScoreTM

    Our groundbreaking G-Score is an AI-powered metric that indicates how likely a company is to expand. is the first and only data platform designed to use AI and big data to surface growth companies. How is this beneficial to you? Growth companies are known to:

    • Create the lion’s share of net new employment
    • Invest heavily in R&D
    • Invest heavily in capital
    • Require additional real estate
    • Buy more of everything to accommodate their growth! (hint, hint…)

  • Pinpoint Your Targeting with over 20,000 Industry Heat Maps

    Do you want to know where employment is growing fastest in the aerospace industry or which biotech companies are in the State or County with the highest levels of employment growth? Or maybe you want to know where net sales have been rising the fastest in the automotive parts industry. Either way we’ve got you covered! features over 20,000 proprietary heat maps across 12 economic indicators, including:

    • Employment & Employment Growth
    • Total Salary and Total Salary Growth
    • Revenue and Revenue Growth
    • Establishment and Establishment Growth
    • Gross Profit and Gross Profit Growth
    • Average Salary and Average Salary Growth

  • Find the Companies Everyone is Talking About

    Inc. 5,000, Fast tech 25, Profit Hot 50, Deloitte fast 500… Lists like these are filled with the high growth companies you want to talk to. is tapped into the most relevant lists of top-performing companies and adding more lists all the time. With you can:

    • Identify top performers in every sector
    • See where they fit in terms of a buying and selling ecosystem
    • Access a direct connection to key contacts
    • See where they are clustered geographically
    • Learn about their international presence
    • See if they have received VC funding

  • Identify fast-Growing VC-funded Companies

    When companies get funding—they're growing, have capital to spend and need your products or services.  Private markets are full of valuable opportunities for business development – and has a full suite of real-time data to help you capitalize on them.

    • Discover emerging industries, territories and targets to pursue
    • Track a company’s growth by funding round
    • View Executives and Board Members
    • See a company’s active and former investors
    • Time your outreach by funding round
    • Follow M&A and infusions of debt to anticipate when targets will go through big changes

  • Cut to the Chase with Confirmed Projects

    What’s better than searching for ideal growth prospects to go after? Identifying prospects with confirmed projects. That’s right…confirmed expansion projects. Our research team interviews senior executives daily to surface companies that are on the verge of expansion. You’ll never find these projects with a Google search. They are exclusive to Gazelle subscribers!

    • We conduct over 150,000 executive interviews per year
    • We post 30-40 originally sourced expansion projects per month
    • Proprietary data includes: company description, project type, timeline, destination, job creation and capital investment.

More Unique, Powerful Features

  • Multi-layered list building and search to drill-down on targets
  • Private, personalized, custom lists to accelerate your research
  • GIS-based company search to identify high concentrations of your ideal prospects
  • Occupational profiles to assess whether your location has a suitable workforce capacity
  • Company profiles with decision-makers for over 8 million companies
  • Full company trees to visualize a company’s global footprint
  • Light CRM functionality to remind you of important follow-up activities
  • Real-time company news and Twitter feed

...and too many more to list here

The AI Advantage

“The transcendence of AI and its impacts on our lives is extraordinary. As we continue to unleash the power of machine learning and expand our unique socioeconomic dataset, predictability improvements will illuminate more and more about the drivers and interactions that foretell firms’ successes.”

Hugh Kelley, Ph.D., Chief Economist

AI is powering rapid advances in many of the areas of our everyday lives and the products and services we consume. But is the first application designed specifically to use AI and Big Data to solve many of the challenges faced daily by economic and business development professionals.’s heuristic algorithms access vast pools of data across multiple sources including industry, spatial, and firm-level data spanning more than ten years. The platform consumes data from leading providers and looks at hundreds of signals such as financial ratios, pension payments, establishment numbers, executive salaries. It also looks at data like export activity at the county/industry level (level, growth, intensity) and state/county level variables including quality of infrastructure, business costs, patents, as well as 4-digit and 6-digit industry-specific data.

Combining this rich data with AI techniques such as dynamic deep learning, neuroplasticity and dynamic input attention, is able to consistently identify companies poised for growth and expansion. Click here to download our Whitepaper on AI in Economic Development.

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Happy Gazellers

  • Jason Giulietti
    Vice President, Economic Development
    San Marcos Partnership
    “With we can quickly and reliably aggregate data from industry trends to VC funding activity and the most up-to-date company news. The intuitive user interface and great set of features have made it a go-to resource for our team and the customer support is awesome”
  • Luc Strybol
    Flemish Economic Representative
    Flanders Investment & Trade
    ''The Lead generation platform has been incredibly useful for us to identify and engage with companies that are keen to expand in Flanders. The tool has made me and my colleagues much more efficient and we gain a lot of time by contacting the right companies at the right time. Our response rate from companies, has more than doubled since using It literally changed the way we are doing business development and investment attraction!''
  • Pilar Madrigal
    Head of Investment Promotion and Aftercare
    CINDE – Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency
    “’s ability to index companies based on their expected growth, paired with highly targeted keyword search, relevant revenue and geographic targeting was critical in helping us build an effective go to market strategy. We are big supporters and would strongly recommend the platform.”

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