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Gazelle.ai combines business development focus and artificial intelligence to help improve and accelerate your deal flow. Gazelle.ai provides analytical frameworks, research resources and engagement tools to support every phase of your business development strategy - from lead generation through to engagement.

3 Challenges Everyone in Business Development Faces

We need a more powerful analytical toolset

Our main mission is to drive deal flow. But we need tools that give us a strategic advantage. We have too much data and too few resources. We need tools that can turn these mountains of data into qualified leads.

Gazelle.ai can help with that

With features like G-ScoreTM, Company Finder, Company Profiles, Heatmaps and Featured Lists, Gazelle.ai provides robust data and analytics that will accelerate your sales process. Gazelle.ai’s advanced, AI-powered toolkit enables you to find and engage with expanding companies, leading to better opportunities and better results. Gazelle.ai puts artificial intelligence to work for you by generating real results.

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We need to find new niches and industries to target

Competition is getting intense in all the industries we have traditionally targeted. We need to identify new niche opportunities and emerging industry sectors to pursue above and beyond the industries we’ve typically targeted.

Gazelle.ai can help with that

Gazelle.ai uses cluster profiles, heat maps, VC funding data and a number of other market signals to identify companies in sub-sectors and emerging industries that you may not have considered. Find these fast-growing companies in niche or emerging industries before anyone else and turn your first-mover advantage into success stories.

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We need to improve our win rate

We are putting in the research time, finding leads and engaging with many companies, but our conversion rate is still too low. How do we improve our project win percentage?

Gazelle.ai can help with that

Gazelle.ai helps you win more projects in four ways:
  1. Gazelle’s AI indexes companies poised to expand. Expanding companies need more of what you’re selling!
  2. We survey 150,000 companies per year to find ones that have confirmed expansion projects. Expansion equals a need to buy more goods and services.
  3. Smarter, faster research means you are finding better leads in less time.
  4. Gazelle.ai includes a suite of engagement tools to help you make a better first approach and improve your nurturing efforts.

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Who Uses Us

Economic Development

We know that investment attraction is just one piece of the puzzle for busy economic development practitioners like you. That’s why we’ve created a laser-focused approach to targeting that lets you find expanding companies that fits your unique value proposition. With Gazelle.ai you can:


  • Identify growth clusters for more effective business attraction targeting
  • Identify companies most likely to expand based on our groundbreaking AI-based G-Scores
  • Build customized prospect lists based on Industry clusters, NAIC codes, and keywords to focus on emerging industries
  • Identify growing companies to elevate and prioritize your BR&E efforts
  • Identify suppliers or addressable market based on custom geographic areas for over 900 industries
  • View our list of exclusive confirmed expansion projects
  • Use our G-Score to target growth companies participating at specific trade shows

Better information, better targeting, better preparation makes you… well, better. And isn’t that what we’re here for?

Higher Education

Gazelle.ai is an incredibly powerful tool that supports learners in their analysis of business theory, industry performance and growth trends. And it’s so much more. With Gazelle.ai institutions of higher education can:


  • Connect to high growth companies who can drive R&D partnerships forward
  • Maximize technology transfer opportunities by connecting you to highly targeted companies
  • Leverage industry-leading search capabilities to recruit new businesses to your innovation/technology parks
  • Plan curriculum based on emerging industries, technologies and growth companies/industries in your State
  • Monitor companies showing exceptional growth to find the best jobs for internship or placement after graduation
  • Maximize outreach for continuous education programs or fund-raising campaigns with our decision-maker contact information at over 8 million companies indexed for growth

Commercial Real Estate

If you’re in the business of providing real estate solutions to business, you don’t have time to waste. You need timely, accurate data that allows you to identify and segment your target market. You need research at your fingertips that helps you create that uniquely customized pitch that gets you noticed. You need to know who is growing and in need of your services, now. Use Gazelle.ai to:

  • Track companies headquartered around the world and view their network of global locations by longitude and latitude down to zip codes
  • Target companies that are raising money for growth and in need of tenant representation
  • Find the most relevant prospects by filtering searches based on: confirmed expansion projects, AI score for growth potential, capital raised, keywords, Manager’s alma mater, and much more
  • Prioritize your leads based on personal connections by using information on board members and executive teams
  • Enhance engagement with the most recent custom curated news items
  • Prioritize outreach with over 20,000 proprietary industry heatmaps tracking establishment density, salary and employment growth (among others) at the State and County levels across 900 industries

Professional and Financial Services

Gazelle.ai is all about helping business development professionals within banks, credit unions, accounting firms, insurance companies, etc. succeed. How? By finding growth companies in need of your services. Growth companies are the most prolific buyers of a wide range of professional/financial services and are most often seeking lenders. Count on Gazelle.ai to:

  • Identify companies with confirmed expansion projects, likely in need of commercial lenders and/or leasing, as well as underwriting
  • Identify companies with a high likelihood to expand based on our proprietary G-Score
  • Identify foreign-based companies with international expansions who may be in need of transfer pricing and/or tax and accounting consulting
  • Identify senior finance executives at targeted companies
  • Surface companies that are exporting to new markets
  • Provide real-time intelligence on over 8 million corporate establishments

Happy Gazellers

  • Sam Moses
    Parker Poe
    “Gazelle.ai has proven to be a great tool for both our business development and consulting practices. The benchmark and heat map data is great when we’re working on a site selection engagement. From a business development perspective, the combination of AI and humanly verified expansion projects is a huge asset. Our team loves the company hierarchy data as well. All in all, it’s a great tool for us.”
  • Bob Ball
    Tulsa Regional Chamber
    "Gazelle.ai is probably the most functional, precise tool I've found for lead development. Steve and the team are right on top of the latest in investment attraction.”
  • Thomas P. Miller
    President & CEO
    Thomas P. Miller and Associates
    “As a management consulting company, Thomas P. Miller & Associates has made great use of the Gazelle.ai platform in our target industry analyses and business attraction related projects. The diversity of leads available across an array of industries and geographic areas provides great value.”

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