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Hugh Kelley

My AI Passion

AI has become a hot focus for entrepreneurs. Their challenge is figuring out how to turn AI into a viable business for their respective industries. Getting started can be as easy as bringing together a “crack” team with a visionary leading the charge, a back-end (mad) data scientist, an accomplished front-end web developer, and an […]

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Nadine Jeserich

Your next job creation wave

“New and young companies are the primary source of job creation in the American economy”. (Kauffman Foundation). In fact, startups account for only 3% of employment but almost 20% of job creation. The best medicine to ensure a healthy business environment is a vibrant start-up community and thriving entrepreneurial environment. New and disruptive ideas have […]

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Margot Bégin

Heat Mapping – Moving Beyond The Obvious Targets

Effective targeting is critical to success in FDI Attraction. But, without precise targeting finding qualified prospects and winning projects is extremely challenging. Read on to learn how heat mapping can be used to find growing companies in your targeted industries and generate investment project wins!

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Nadine Jeserich

Data Dig: Are You Ready for the Evolution of Manufacturing?

These days, manufacturers face a variety of challenges. They are forced to contend with the impact of constantly changing policies, tariffs, and trade agreements that impact both trade relations and their bottom line. Furthermore, manufactures must be prepared to deal with the structural impact of technological advancements that enable the rapid replication of what used […]

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Nadine Jeserich

Cluster Leakage – Sounds Scary But Could Be A Vital Factor In Lead Identification

“Retaining and growing key supply chains bring tremendous wealth to a region. Building powerful clusters not only sets up existing businesses for success, it also enhances a region’s value proposition”  Dr. Nadine Jeserich, VP Analytics, ROI Research on Investment So what is cluster leakage? Can a cluster be considered strong without a strong supply chain? […]

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Ryan Frankel

Engagement – You’ve found a hot lead! What’s next?

Identifying hot leads is half the battle. Lead nurturing is equally important. Actionable intelligence to support engagement efforts drives investment project wins. Read on to learn how to win more by preparing to engage like never before!

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