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Data Dig: What goes up, must come down

As of May 2018, the US has been in the second-longest business cycle expansion phase on record. The sentiment seems to increase that “what goes up, must come down”. Nobody can predict when exactly, though economists will certainly keep trying. Whether a slump or recession, always sees opportunities. Time to diversify and make sure […]

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Hugh Kelley

Manufacturing, Construction and Utilities Outlook

Continued Strength in 2019 A recent Bloomberg and Institute for Supply Management study predicted that Construction and Utilities (C&U) (NAICS 2XX XXX) and Manufacturing (M) growth (3xx xxx) will continue to be the two strongest US sectors in 2019, with Services (S) growing as well but at a slower rate. This is in line with […]

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Paul Brogan

BRE 2.0

We hope you have been finding the content in our Strengthen your Region series valuable. Below is our fourth blog and it focuses on the importance of BRE. Feel free to peruse other content of ours by checking out the Related Content section at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) […]

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Steve Jast

Bi-Weekly Breakdown

Hi Gazellers, This week at Gazelle we take a look at the fast-growing order fulfillment industry, contemplate our AI’s existential meaning, and take a bow over our predictions for 5 fast-growth companies making headlines this week. We’re More Into Gazelles than Unicorns, But… Here are 5 companies with big announcements recently that, not to brag […]

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Ryan Frankel

Look To Startups For Your Next Job Creation Wave

“New and young companies are the primary source of job creation in the American economy”. (Kauffman Foundation) The quote above may sound like a slight exaggeration, but it brings home an important point that represents a new trend. Though startups account for only 3% of overall employment in the US, they represent nearly 20% of […]

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Nadine Jeserich

Economic Growth and Job Creation: The Case for Clusters

The word “cluster” often comes up in the world of Economic Development in the context of promoting job creation and economic growth. A cluster is a group of firms, and related economic actors and institutions. They are located near one another and draw productive advantage from their mutual proximity and connections. Clusters enable a region […]

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