Cold Calling for B2B Sales Professionals

November 14, 2022

Cold calls serve at least 3 critical functions


Some people don’t need your product and never will. It’s important you screen these folks out early in the process and a quick cold-call will do just that.

Warming up

There’s nothing like a (well-executed) cold-call to warm up a lead, get to know them, and have them get to know you.

Arranging meetings

This is the most important function of a well-planned cold-call. Done correctly, you’ll successfully book an in-person or video meeting with your prospect.

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  • Ways to win each call even when you don’t book a meeting
  • How to structure your voicemail when your prospect doesn’t answer
  • Tips on how to create better conversations
  • Small changes you can make that will lead to better use of your dialing time

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