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Globalization and Big Data, mean you’ve got the tools at your fingertips to build a successful FDI attraction program. But, it’s easy for today’s Economic Developer to get drowned by data when drinking from the firehose of Big Data. Understanding current FDI best practices is an important first step to success.’s Margot Bégin, EcD(F), understands what it takes to attract investment to your region. And in 10  Best Practices for Building Your Data-Driven FDI Strategy, she gives you the lowdown on how to make data-driven FDI strategy work for your organization.

In her eBook, Margot shares her secret sauce for building your FDI strategy, including:    

  • Looking at the big picture
  • Knowing who you are
  • Recognizing what you’re good at
  • Identifying the right targets
  • And much more!

Enjoy the read!

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