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Steven Jast

How Attractive is Your Region to Prospective Companies?

Finding and attracting the prospects you seek requires access to accurate data, a thorough understanding of key trends and a realistic grasp of how your region is being evaluated by candidate companies. How does your region’s labor availability stack up? Up until recently, recruiting companies was the starting point for investment attraction, followed by working […]

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Margot Bégin

Heat Mapping – Moving Beyond The Obvious Targets

Effective targeting is critical to success in FDI Attraction. But, without precise targeting finding qualified prospects and winning projects is extremely challenging. Read on to learn how heat mapping can be used to find growing companies in your targeted industries and generate investment project wins!

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Steven Jast

Company Growth Signals – What to be looking for and where to find them to enhance Investment Attraction

Economic Developers and Dealmakers are constantly in the hunt for growing companies. But what are the most important growth signals? And how do you find companies emitting these signals before it’s too late?

Read on to find the answers to these important questions!

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Steve Jast, CEO

Artificial Intelligence and Economic Developers

Although AI isn’t a new concept, right now there’s a lot of buzz around the topic. Some pundits believe AI will have a bigger impact than the invention of the PC or even the spread of smartphones. Growth projections for AI revenues are staggering; it was $643.7 million in 2016 and its expected to reach $36.8 billion by 2025. But what exactly is AI? And more importantly, how can it help Economic Developers?

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