Month: November 2018

Nadine Jeserich

Economic Growth and Job Creation: The Case for Clusters

The word “cluster” often comes up in the world of Economic Development in the context of promoting job creation and economic growth. A cluster is a group of firms, and related economic actors and institutions. They are located near one another and draw productive advantage from their mutual proximity and connections. Clusters enable a region […]

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Ryan Frankel

Download our FDI Best Practices eBook

Globalization and Big Data, mean you’ve got the tools at your fingertips to build a successful FDI attraction program. But, it’s easy for today’s Economic Developer to get drowned by data when drinking from the firehose of Big Data. Understanding current FDI best practices is an important first step to success.

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Nadine Jeserich

Data Dig: Trains, Planes, and Trucks

Our recent blog titled “How Attractive is Your Region to Prospective Companies” spoke to the importance of diversifying your economic base. Supporting local business growth and providing a supportive and dynamic business environment are key fundamentals. So are business retention, expansion and recruitment strategies. But before you can create a comprehensive plan, you need […]

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Steven Jast

How Attractive is Your Region to Prospective Companies?

Finding and attracting the prospects you seek requires access to accurate data, a thorough understanding of key trends and a realistic grasp of how your region is being evaluated by candidate companies. How does your region’s labor availability stack up? Up until recently, recruiting companies was the starting point for investment attraction, followed by working […]

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