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So you want to know all about Gazelle.ai. The whole project started out as an itch that ROI Research on Investment CEO Steve Jast needed to scratch. The amount of legwork, model building, and number-crunching needed to find and engage leads for ROI clients was driving him crazy!

“There has to be a better way to do this” Steve said. And that is where the journey of Gazelle.ai started. The platform is designed from the ground up to help Economic Developers work smarter and faster and to get those professionals in front of the right companies with the right information to make their best pitch.


Putting AI to Work for Economic Development

Gazelle.ai is a highly capable toolkit that includes functionality to support Economic Developers in every aspect of their work. But at its core the most revolutionary thing about Gazelle is its ability to sort through mountains of data to detect early-stage signals for companies that are about to start growing - sometimes even before the companies know they are on the path to expansion.

Our team of data scientists, economists and economic developers dug-in and over two years created and trained the algorithms using machine learning principles and access to big data from leading providers. Our developers added in layers of analytics, visualization and engagement tools. The platform also adds human intelligence (gathered by ROI researchers) to the artificial intelligence.

At every step, we looped in Economic Developers to build the most useful toolkit possible - asking about their daily challenges, strategic objectives and all aspects of the job that made them pull their hair out.

The end result is a platform that revolutionizes the practice of data-driven economic development. By combining access to the most pertinent data, advanced analytical frameworks and then providing tools to use that insight in everyday work, Gazelle.ai allows Economic Developers to focus on the core task of promoting their regions. For more details on the platform click here.

Meet The Gazelle.ai Team

ROI Research on Investment







ROI Research on Investment is the parent company of Gazelle.ai and the platform is in large part a product of the years of experience gained helping more than 350 economic development organizations around the world.

ROI’s approach to modern data-driven economic development is to combine three main ingredients; big data, cutting edge technology. and talented people to identify and target companies that are primed for expansion. That approach combined with a focus on providing exceptional customer service have made ROI the go-to choice when economic development organizations are looking for support in lead generation, retention and expansion, in-market representation, market intelligence and training.

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