Business Intelligence Platform has been designed from the ground up to help business and economic development professionals generate and engage with more meaningful leads. What are more meaningful leads? Easy. Growth companies! Growth companies, often referred to as “Gazelles” are known to:
  • Create the lion’s share of new jobs
  • Invest more in R&D
  • Need expanded facilities and infrastructure
  • Spend more on products and contracted services leverages the power of AI to help identify growth companies so your team can win bigger deals, faster and more often.

Are we just another database? Definitely not. harnesses big data in combination with powerful AI-driven analytical frameworks to help you fuel pipeline.

How? Some benefits include:

  • Finding high growth companies
  • Prioritizing your universe of target companies
  • Creating Target account lists
  • Finding actionable company-specific data
  • Prioritizing your accounts
  • Monitoring target companies
  • Automating prospecting tasks
  • Maximizing Conference ROI
  • Accelerating success
  • Account retention and growth
Industry Profiles

How Can Help?

A tool is only as valuable as the problems it solves. Here are three core challenges faced by most Economic Development Organizations and how can help overcome these challenges. And this is just a small slice of the value provides.

We need a more capable analytical toolset to boost investment attraction efforts! can help

I’m generating and following-up with my leads, but my conversion rate is low. How do I get more wins? can help

Are there great opportunities in niche and emerging markets we are missing out on? Where do I start looking? can help

See in Action

Get a live personalized tour and see how the power of AI can change the way you work. Working for You

Fill Your Pipeline with Your Ideal Prospects

Identify and prioritize your leads based on our proprietary AI-powered “G-Score” indicating a company’s likelihood to expand. Build targeted lists with over 80 firmographic and thousands of technographic datapoints. Start with your targeted industries, VC funding history and drill down to zip code GIS-based searches to view geographic clusters of customized targets.

Stop Googling and opening countless browser tabs scanning for important business intelligence. Search through company-specific news feeds curated from over 50,000 sources. The perfect reason to reach out to your leads is always one click away. Save time, build better engagement, chalk up more wins.

Better Understand Your Target Industries

Get the full scoop on your addressable market with over 900 industry profiles that include import/export data, 5-year KPIs, top 30 occupations, buying and selling ecosystems and over 18,000 heat maps covering 20 economic indicators.

Predict Emerging Industry Trends and Cluster "Hot Spots"

Identify sectors poised for growth before your competitors with over 18,000 heatmaps that track over 900 industries. Our heat maps show data on: establishments, salaries, sales, profits, employment as well as 5 year growth values for all of these indicators. Start by targeting companies clustered in areas with high employment and establishment growth.

Who is for?

Anyone who needs to identify and approach fast growing companies

  • Country, State, County and Provincial Economic Development Organizations (EDOs)
  • Large Urban EDOs
  • Regional EDOs
  • Small Municipal EDOs
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Trade Associations
  • Universities
  • Construction Companies
  • Accounting Firms
  • Consulting/Professional Services Firms

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